25 Jun 2022

Just because you do not have a large budget to furnish your home does not mean things have to look cheap. It is possible to have an expensive-looking home without the exorbitant price tag, and you can get the look using what you already have.

With just some simple DIYs, it is possible to transform the look of every room in your home without buying anything new or facing designer prices. 

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In this guide, we are sharing the seven easiest and cheapest ways to make your home look more expensive, and these DIYs are suitable for all skillsets. Transforming your home can be done cheaply, and in a short amount of time, so there is no excuse to compromise on style.

7 DIYS To Make Furniture Look Expensive

  • Add Overlays

If you have an old dresser or chest of drawers that no longer fits with the design of your home, do not throw it away. Instead, buy some cheap overlays which can be found at any home improvement or craft store and get ready to transform that old dresser.

Covering the old and tired front of the dresser with a shiny new overlay is a highly effective way of making this piece of furniture look more expensive. 

Overlays come in all shapes and designs, so you can check out the current trends in interior design before shopping if you want to give your room a modern appearance.

  • Paint

Paint can be added to all kinds of furniture to give it a new lease of life, but this tip does work best on wooden pieces.

If you have an old coffee table or worn-out kitchen cabinets, a lick of paint can make all the difference and will give the impression that you have spent a lot of money in that room. For a completely new look, choose a bright color that has not been used in the home before, but neutrals are also a great way to go for the sleek, designer-inspired feel.

Adding paint to only certain areas of the furniture, such as on wooden chair legs instead of the whole thing, is another way to make your home look new and is easier to do than a full makeover.

  • Replace Hardware

If the idea of making permanent changes, such as with paint or varnish, seems too daunting, you can make old furniture look expensive in a simpler way.

Changing the hardware, such as the knobs and handles, is an easy way to make something look brand new, and it can also make furniture look more expensive than it once was.

New hardware will be shiny, giving the impression that you have just purchased the chest of drawers or dresser even if it has been there for years. There is a range of hardware available, including vintage pieces, so think outside of the box to create a unique look for your home.

  • Retool The Legs

Much like changing the hardware on an old cabinet or chest of drawers, retooling the legs of your sofa is a simple and cheap way to give it a new lease of life.

The main difference between cheap and expensive furniture usually lies in the details, which is why retooling the legs on your sofa or dining room chairs is such an effective DIY. Replacing the legs on your sofa can make even the cheapest, flat-packed piece look like a high-end design.

Opt for metallic hardware in the same tone as the sofa, such as gold to go with warm colors, for a modern appearance. 

  • Refinish the Surface

Over time, wooden furniture can become worn, and this makes your home look cheap. This is why refinishing wooden surfaces is one of the most effective and simplest ways to bring old furniture back to life and will make it seem more expensive than it ever was.

Refinishing wood using a sander and some varnish will hide any blemishes that have appeared over time and give it a glossy finish that will make it look brand new.

This DIY can be done on all forms of wooden furniture, but it is most effective on large pieces such as your old dining table or coffee table that take center stage.

  • Add Contact Paper

Contact paper can be purchased cheaply and in a range of finishes, making it suitable for all kinds of furniture.

If you have an old side table or bookshelf that needs modernizing, getting some contact paper with marble, wood, or stone appearance will give it that designer-inspired appearance. It is easy to apply contact paper to most surfaces, but make sure there are no trapped air bubbles as this will ruin the effect. 

Contact paper is incredibly cheap, but the designs give off the right impression, making it look as though you have spent a lot of money on your home when you have reused furniture.

  • Repurpose Furniture

Changing the purpose of your furniture is a way to transform not only the way a room looks but feels.

Do not be afraid to get creative when it comes to repurposing your existing pieces. You can take something old and worn, like a wooden bookcase, and literally turn it on its side for something new and fresh. 

Details such as a new coat of paint and additional hardware can make this DIY more effective.