25 Jun 2022

It is easy to put off decorating your home because of time constraints or because of costs. We love to find ways to make our home beautiful and fitting to our tastes. However, the cost of home décor is increasing at an alarming rate which makes decorating difficult. 

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To help you to make your home what you want it to be, we have gathered some tips for decorating your home without spending too much. You can customize the tips we have gathered to suit your home better if necessary. We also recommend watching online tutorial videos for any of our suggestions that you do not feel fully confident in how to complete. There is nothing worse than using a trick only for it to go disastrously wrong and end up costing extra to fix.


Herb Garden in your Home

You can plant a great herb garden right in your kitchen. You can use a specially designed frame or just use a length of wood. Making herb gardens at home are relatively inexpensive to achieve but will infuse your kitchen with color and the rich aroma of the growing herbs. You will also no longer have to run to the store if you find you are out of the herb needed for that day’s meals. 


Stencil your Walls

Adding additional decoration with wall stencils overlaid on existing paint is a great way to freshen a room. You can buy stencils easily, which can be added to any room and will adhere to paint. The stencils will give your room an update to look as if wallpaper has been added. The stencils are considerably cheaper than wallpaper and can be removed to add a different design if you feel like a change. 


Upcycle that Chair

If you have old and worn chairs, you can easily upcycle them to make them a breath of fresh air in any room. Upholstering a chair is not as difficult as it sounds, providing you have the right materials at hand. Definitely, one to watch a tutorial online before you attempt it, but a great way to bring older furniture up to date in a new color scheme. 



Decorating your rooms with artwork on the walls is an excellent way to add life and brightness to your home. You can either purchase artwork, or if you enjoy painting or have children who like to paint, you can get the creativity flowing and decorate your home at the same time. 


Bold Colors

We recommend adding bold colors to your home to really make a room or area shine. This does not have to cost more than a tin of paint but will really make the difference. We like to focus on areas that may not be expected by others. A bright and bold front door, for example, will make your house stand out on a street of plain front doors. 

Inside your home, you can keep this theme running by adding color to your ceiling. Yes, we know, ceilings are always white, but why? There is no reason why every ceiling in every house has to follow the uniform white. Bright colors for your ceiling can really help to make a room pop. 


Make your Books work for You

There are a couple of different ways to decorate with your books, one of these options is literally. If you have a favorite book or you are looking to make a feature wall in the room, you keep your books you can overlay the pages to have a ‘printed’ wall. For this, you could use books you already own, or if you do not have books you are willing to tear apart, a quick trip to the used book store should get you something inexpensive to use. 

If the idea of tearing pages from the cover is not for you, then you could order your books to make a color design. This works especially well if you have a large number of books but will work equally well with a smaller number on smaller bookshelves. You can arrange the books into whichever color works for your room. We have seen this done in the traditional colors of the rainbow or even ordered by season.


Decorate your Furniture

So much of the wooden furniture in your home can be decorated in simple or elaborate ways to breathe life back into them. The first is simply to use wrapping paper for dressing tables or bookshelves. You can wrap the top of a dresser as if you were wrapping a gift to cover any marks or damage to the top of a table or dresser. 

This is also a really effective way to liven up the back of a bookshelf. You could use different wrapping paper for each shelf so the paper can be seen behind the books. For bookshelves, you could use wallpaper also if you had some leftover. Matching the backing to the wall will make your bookshelves seem more like floating shelves which is an excellent optical illusion for creating more space in your home too. 

You can also paint wooden furniture to make it match your color scheme. Furniture is something you can pick up cheaply at flea markets or online, but it is not always the color that would fit into your home. Rather than losing out on something you want, you can sand and paint the furniture to make it the statement piece of any room in your home.