18 Dec 2021

Kitchens can become messy and unorganized very easily because the entire family uses this room regularly. Even the best of us struggle with keeping this room organized and one of the worst areas in the refrigerator.

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There is nothing worse than a messy, unorganized fridge where you do not know what is lurking on the shelves. This is something that can play on your mind for weeks if left unattended, but because it can be a big task, a lot of people will push organizing the refrigerator to the bottom of their to-do lists.

Luckily, this does not have to be a tough task. We have curated 21 simple organizational tips for your refrigerator to help you get this chore done once and for all.

  1. Use baskets to separate food and produce on the shelves
  2. Label everything, so the whole family know where food goes and will find things easier to locate
  3. Create fridge mats using non-slip materials as these will collect any spillages and make the appliance easier to clean when the time comes
  4. Always store dairy products, like the milk bottles, on the shelves instead of within the door to prevent damage to the interior of the fridge
  5. Meat and seafood should always be stored on the bottom shelf to prevent contamination with other food products. These can be separated into their own baskets for additional organization
  6. Buy another container for bacon as the standard bag it comes in is very messy and makes your refrigerator look untidy once it has been opened. There will be specific ‘bacon’ holders available, but baskets for flat plastic containers can also be used for this
  7. Instead of clipping leaflets and paper to the refrigerator door, you can use a dry erase marker to write your to-do lists. You can get different colored markers to make things look nice, but this will be much neater and easier to maintain than multiple pieces of paper stuck in one place
  8. Lazy Susans or turntables are a great way to organize dressings and sauces, as they ensure you will not forget anything. You can make a turntable with very cheap items or things you already have at home
  9. Binder clips can prevent beer bottles from rolling around the shelves and allow you to organize them into a pyramid to save space
  10.  Plastic magazine holders are a cheap way to make more space inside your freezer as they can be used to make shelves. Turn the holders onto their side and layer them to provide additional shelving in the small space
  11.  Keep hold of your six-pack cardboard boxes that come with some drinks as they can be used to keep bottles, sauces, and other items organized on the shelves
  12.  When cleaning out your refrigerator, activated carbon is an effective odor remover and works better than the standard baking soda
  13.  If you like a bottle of wine, make sure to invest in some bottle stabilizers. These will prevent the bottles from rolling on the shelves and allow for more space
  14.  As well as using fridge mats, cover your shelves in plastic wrap for longer-lasting protection
  15.  To help you stay on track when grocery shopping and prevent food waste, take a photo of your refrigerator before you head to the store. Then you know what you already have at home and where the blank spots are, which will be items you need to buy again
  16.  Spend some time reading the labels of the food you buy before putting it away after grocery shopping as not everything needs to be put in the fridge. Some items that we commonly keep chilled could last longer when they are in a warmer environment, and you could be wasting space in the refrigerator by always putting them there
  17.  Food prep can be a great way to save money and stay healthy, but storing food can be tricky at home. Salads can be stored in mason jars, which is a great space-saving solution and will also keep the food fresher for longer
  18.  Add cleaning to your routine to ensure that the refrigerator gets cleaned out before it becomes an issue. A good way to stay on top of things is to clean out your fridge before grocery shopping, as this is likely already part of your routine
  19.  Store soda in a can dispenser to save space and to make it easier for the family to get their desired drink without messing up your organizational efforts. These can be bough for a low price at any container store, but baskets or similar storage containers can also be a good solution if you are on a budget
  20. Invest in strong magnets, as these can be used to hold kitchen utensils as well as recipes, notes, or other items without causing a mess while also keeping them in constant easy reach
  21. Make a weekly menu for the family and stick to it. This will help you when grocery shopping as well as prevent food waste. This is a great solution for those on a budget, as well as those with specific dietary needs


You can have a clean, organized home no matter what kind of budget you are working with when using these refrigerator tips, as there are countless solutions.