26 Jan 2022

An attic can have a lot of potential uses, but turning it into a usable living space should always be the first step. Whether it will become a bedroom, a child’s playroom, or a home office, taking the steps to create a safe and comfortable space will always be your first step.

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But how do you convert an attic into an ideal room? Here are some things to keep in mind before you start the project.


Some projects are going to cost a lot more than you might initially think, while others could be a lot cheaper than you would expect. Having a good understanding of the rough cost of your project can make a big difference when it comes to planning ahead and setting a budget aside.

You can always get in contact with the contractors that you are planning to use and ask for quotes, which would give you a rough breakdown of how much their work should cost under ideal conditions. This can give you a general overview of how much you will need to pay for each piece of attic work.

There is not an ideal cost for an attic project since there are countless factors that go into the overall price. Some people will be able to get a cheap but functional attic, while others may want something complex that costs a lot but looks amazing once it is all finished.


Permits are always important for any kind of construction work and having the ones you need can be very important when it comes to creating a real, usable room. There can be certain permits for particular things, as well as more generalized ones for key additions to an attic room.

If an attic is already a usable room, then adding something like electrical wiring or building a new internal wall might only need one major permit. Larger-scale conversions could require several different permits.

You can check with your local authorities to see what kind of permits you need. Even if you think you do not need any, you should still talk with them to make sure – if you do not get all the necessary permits, you might have to pay fines later on.


A good level of heating is important when turning an attic into a brand-new room since many attic spaces are far colder than a normal space. Insulation and decent heating options are a core part of making the space liveable, so you should think about how you plan to fix those problems.

While it might sound easy to simply set up another radiator, it can be quite a difficult process that needs a lot of expert care to handle properly. The heating system you choose will also influence the total cost of the project, so you need to factor that into your budget.

The heating that you need will really depend on where you live and what kind of heating or insulation your attic already has, so take a look at the current state of your home. The last thing you want is to re-buy things that you already own but were not aware of.


Just like heating, ventilation is a relatively simple thing that can actually be very complex and hard to figure out. Good ventilation is also required for safety reasons and can sometimes be the only way of cooling down the room if the weather is especially hot.

The system that you choose will dictate things like the cost of your new ventilation system, the time it takes to install it, and how much work will need to be done. Think ahead and see which options are most suitable for your new attic space.


Before you can do anything major with your attic, you need to make space for the project to actually begin. This often means removing anything that you are storing, as well as clearing out anything that you plan to replace – internal drywall, insulation, or even flooring materials.

It is important to clear out the space as thoroughly as possible. You can’t renovate a room when it is full of furniture and storage boxes, so getting everything out of the space is key to making the renovations possible, especially if they involve adding a new floor.

Be sure to completely clean up anything that could be a genuine hazard, too. If you need to throw anything large away, you can use companies like EWM Dumpster Rental to help move large amounts of debris, saving you plenty of time and effort in the long term.


The subfloor and floor of your attic are very important since they make the room usable as more than just a storage space. Building a decent floor takes a lot of time and effort, as well as expertise from professionals who have done it countless times before.

If a floor is not strong or secure enough, then using the attic would put you at serious risk, especially if you start to put heavy furniture up there. On the other hand, a floor that is too heavy can still begin to weigh on the ceilings below them, so a careful balance is the best option.

It can be hard to figure out how you should get a floor installed, but it is a good idea to at least consider the prices involved. Having a rough idea of the costs you will need to pay can help you balance your budget for the rest of the project.