15 Oct 2020

Knowing how to get rid of furniture can seem like a simple thing, especially when you are thinking of chairs or other small items that can just be loaded into the back of a car. However, there are many cases where you need something larger: bulky trash pickup is always a hassle, and you can’t always rely on your own vehicle to properly hold the furniture you are attempting to get rid of. Here are some ideas for quick, easy ways to dump furniture that you no longer want or need.

Break Them Down

One of the simplest ways to handle any kind of large furniture items is to break them down into smaller parts. Old furniture is often the best for this, since it might already be too damaged to reliably fix or repair, and there usually isn’t much value in trying to fix them up so that somebody else can use them. Not only does this cut out some of the heavy lifting, but it means that you can fit a large piece of furniture into a smaller car without much trouble.

When dealing with items like bed frames, which are often made of wooded planks or metal beams, you can even keep the materials to use in other projects. If you enjoy DIY and can always use more raw materials, this is an excellent way to handle furniture removal without wasting the useful parts of the old furniture entirely.

Take it to a Furniture Dump

As long as you have a decent amount of free time, you can directly take old furniture to a disposal site or dump area. This might take multiple trips with larger loads of furniture, especially if you are using a small car rather than a pickup truck, but it also means that you aren’t paying any extra fees to get rid of the items. You will still need to pay fuel costs, but if you are lucky, the dumping area could be very close to your own home.

This also allows you to go at your own pace, you can always work it into your existing schedule if you want to make the process as efficient as possible. With a large enough vehicle, you might even be able to haul away large items without even having to take them apart or break them down.

The main downside of having to do this is that it can eat into your own time. If you have a busy schedule already, it might be almost impossible to consistently dump furniture, stretching the process out far longer than you originally expected while also forcing you to occasionally waste your free time trying to drive to a dumping site over and over again.

Hire a Junk Removal Service

If you aren’t on a stringent budget, you can hire junk removal services to come and collect your junk items. The removal service will handle the inspection of the items, the collection, and the eventual disposal – it can be pricey compared to doing it yourself, but it can also be a great way to clear entire rooms without interrupting your normal routine and schedule. When one of these junk removal services collects and dumps furniture, they do all of the work instead of you.

Since a junk removal service costs money and often becomes more expensive depending on how many items they need to get rid of, you should carefully use a service like this. It isn’t always the best option for small-scale cleanup, but it can be perfect for room renovations or situations where you need to get rid of all the furniture in multiple rooms of your home.

They will also usually be prepared and equipped to deal with larger items, such as an old couch. This means that you are not going to end up in a situation where they handle the easy furniture removal tasks but leave the more difficult pieces of furniture behind.

Donate or Sell Furniture

If your furniture is still in reasonably good condition, furniture disposal might not be the ideal option for you. Not only would selling or donating your furniture mean that it goes to somebody else who can use it, but the latter can also earn you some extra money, which helps if you are performing a furniture removal ahead of some major renovations. The money can also help pay for a furniture removal service later on if you need to.

Most junk removalists and furniture removal services won’t allow you to specify if your furniture is removed or sold, so you will usually have to do the selling or donating yourself. This can seem daunting at first, but it isn’t that hard – using an online marketplace service, or some social media posts can make it easy to find people that will be willing to buy the items from you directly. They might even offer to pick up the furniture themselves rather than ask you to deliver it.

Donations can be a good option if you have local charity businesses that will take the items. You won’t earn any money from it, but it can be a great alternative to disposing of furniture that is still entirely usable.

Hire a Dumpster

Furniture removal on a larger scale can be tricky, but a dumpster is always a good choice. Not only can they hold a lot of furniture, more than most vehicles, but you can get them as part of a furniture removal service that will pick up and dispose of the unwanted items. There are various different dumpster sizes available for different kinds of situations, too, meaning that you can tailor the container to whatever type of construction or renovations you are performing.

A dumpster junk removal service also has the benefit of being able to contain a large amount of trash and old furniture, meaning that you are not likely to run out of space or weight capacity. If you do exceed the limitations of the dumpster, you will have to pay some extra fees, but disposal can usually continue as normal.

Another major benefit is the fact that rented dumpsters are given to you over a period of time. If you have the dumpster for a week, then you can gradually fill it up over that week before the rental company picks it up again. This means that a dumpster can work well for long-term junk removal, such as during renovations, where you are constantly creating more junk that needs to be dealt with.

Which Should I Choose?

There isn’t a single best furniture disposal option out of the various ideas listed above, and they all have their own good and bad points. The budget you have, the free time you can spare, and the location of the unwanted furniture can all lead to different options being better than others, and there isn’t a single choice that can let you perfectly manage every furniture removal situation.

For example, if you are trying to arrange short-term furniture removal in Washington DC near busy streets, you might have difficulty getting a larger dumpster placed outside your home due to the amount of space in front of your property. However, if this is the case, customer service might suggest an alternative, such as two smaller dumpsters.

On the other hand, junk removal in Washington DC’s other areas might be perfectly suited to using a dumpster as the disposal method, and could even be seen as the most reliable option for getting an entire building’s worth of furniture scrapped on a limited time schedule. Considering that customer service teams can help you narrow down the exact dumpster type, it may not be hard to find one that matches your project.

Whatever you end up choosing, make sure that it fits in with your needs (and the current situation or project you are dealing with). The fewer problems you have with your furniture disposal, the easier it becomes to get rid of the old furniture without needing to dedicate more time and money to the removal process. Whether you are an individual who is cleaning their home or a company representative that needs an office emptied out, we all want to make sure that we can remove furniture in a convenient and hassle-free way.