18 Dec 2021

Dumpster rentals are incredibly useful and can be a powerful disposal tool for almost any situation, but there are times where people completely forget that they are an option. Not only are dumpsters more useful for your own project, but they can benefit other people too.

EWM Dumpster Rental delivers rental dumpsters to jobsites all over the greater Pittsburgh metro area, including the borough of Carnegie and the 15106 ZIP code.

If you feel like renting a dumpster is a stupid decision or simply have no idea why anybody would do it, then here are some reasons that it might be worth renting one for your next projects. They are a lot more versatile – and useful – than most people will realize until they look a little deeper.

The Price

To many people, a dumpster sounds like a very expensive thing. While it is obviously more expensive than carrying your trash halfway across town to throw it away by hand, a dumpster can be invaluable for a larger project. They are also a lot more affordable than you might expect.

Many dumpster companies have quite a wide range of dumpster options that you can use, tailored to each situation. If you need something cheap, then there will be a cheap dumpster that also perfectly matches the kind of waste, trash, or debris you are throwing away.

The price of a dumpster varies heavily depending on the design and type, as well as how long you are renting it for. However, there will always be something that comes within your price range, and there are a lot of different ways to approach a dumpster rental to get the best possible value from it.

The Mess

Some people feel like a dumpster simply is not worth it. After all, it is a big container that you fill with trash, something that will look awful on the sidewalk or up against your house. Combine that with the smell, and you would expect it to be horrible.

However, rented dumpsters are a temporary measure. Even if there is a smell (which is quite rare if the trash is handled correctly), everything is contained in a single location rather than spread out, and it will be thrown away by the company even if you are not at home. This makes large-scale disposal incredibly easy and hands-off.

A dumpster is far less messy than leaving trash out for the government to collect, and it can also be a good indicator that you are having work done. This might help if you are getting rid of a lot of furniture and can also help you contain everything in a single space instead of spreading it out.

Existing Track Pick-Up Services

You might decide to rely on your normal government trash disposal scheme since that is effectively free for many people. However, this can create serious problems since there are limits to what (and how much) they can actually take.

After major renovation work, you might find yourself with more bags of debris and trash than your normal government trash disposal can handle, and a lot of the bags of debris may contain materials that you are not able to throw away easily. Some materials will not be accepted at all, depending on your location.

Even if you choose to rely on these services, they might have to leave some bags behind. Larger projects could take multiple weeks to clear up this way, and that is after bagging everything and making sure that it is able to be collected by these services in the first place.

Your Own Vehicle

A lot of people will decide to handle furniture clear-outs and other renovation projects by taking the debris and trash in their own car, disposing of it themselves. Even if you have a truck with a lot of storage space, this can take several trips, and you need to secure everything by hand.

With a smaller vehicle, there is almost no chance that you can dispose of a whole set of furniture easily, let alone construction debris. With a dumpster, though, the pick-up and delivery are entirely in the hands of the company that you rent the dumpster from, meaning that you have to do barely any work.

Remember that some materials are simply hard to transport properly, too. Bricks are a good example since they will often be damaged and have dust flaking off them – something that can be dangerous if you let it fill your entire car.

It Doesn’t Seem Practical

Rental dumpsters can definitely be a strange idea to a lot of people. Until you get used to how it works, it can sound like an impractical option that does not suit a lot of situations – but dumpsters are actually much more common than you might expect.

For example, doing larger-scale work like home renovations or construction can mean that you need to get rid of a lot of waste. A dumpster is really the only consistent option for disposing of a high number of leftover bricks and wood, as well as other assorted trash that you might have.

Longer projects may even have two or three hired dumpsters, depending on how much waste is being created. A regular rotation of rented dumpsters means that none of them will ever be too full, allowing for easy removal of an entire stack of debris with few issues.

Dumpster rentals are a very useful option, and they can serve a huge variety of roles, regardless of the kind of work that you are doing. If you think you need one, then it is a good idea to look into getting one – and if you do not, then maybe consider what one could do to benefit you.