18 Dec 2021

We all have things that we wouldd love to add to our homes, but New Years’ Day is a good time to make them a resolution. Whether you need small changes to your home’s interior or a major overhaul of the building, the first step is committing to the idea.

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If you are not sure where to begin, then here are six things your home might benefit from. All renovations make a difference, but you never know what you might want until a certain idea catches your eye.

  • Get Brand New Flooring

Your flooring can completely change the tone, comfort level, atmosphere, and maintenance requirements of a room. Some materials are better for certain room roles, and others are simply for the added flair – or to show off to friends.

Whatever the reason, flooring is a big project, and many people delay it because they are hesitant to get started. If you have already considered doing it before, then let the new year be your excuse to change up the room’s flooring.

Remember that flooring usually means keeping a room off-limits while the renovations are done. Doing this early in the year, before any major changes to work or home life, can be the most convenient option for smaller homes.

  • Make a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel is a small addition, but it can be important for many gardening hobbyists. Not only does it allow you to reuse water, but you can get creative and flex your DIY muscles, creating something unique in your garden or yard.

This might be even more important in areas where rain is not as frequent or for people who have issues with their water bills. A rain barrel can be as simple or as fancy as you like, but just having one can be very useful.

If you do not do much DIY and want to get started, then this can be a good way to use the new year as an excuse. Rain barrels are simple in concept but have enough complexity to really make you think about the work that you are doing.

  • Remodel a Room

Everybody has a room that they do not like, usually one that also stands out from the rest of them. If you have been thinking about remodeling a space, then go ahead and plan it out for the new year.

This is a great chance to make the resolution that you will update that room, whether it is an outdated kitchen or a bedroom that has not been used in months. A full rework can make almost any room a major part of your home life.

The scale of your remodeling will depend on what you are doing, so do not hesitate to hire dumpsters or other tools for larger-scale projects. Whether DIY or not, you will often need some help getting all of the work done and the waste disposed of.

  • Take Out the Trash

The amount of waste produced by a household varies, but we all have things that we no longer need. New Years’ Eve comes right after Christmas and not long after Halloween, the two events that are most likely to fill your home with junk.

Whether it is new trash, old trash, or a combination of the two, cleaning them out feels good. A fresh year deserves a fresh home, and you could even start a routine once you get into the habit of cleaning more regularly.

If you have too much to throw away yourself, consider hiring a dumpster from companies like EWM Dumpster Rental to take care of the issue for you. This can be very handy for large-scale trash and waste disposal jobs.

  • Remodel your Basement/Attic

Basements and attics do not get very much use in most homes, and remodeling them into a suitable living space can be a big project. Get started with the planning, and you can quickly build up some steam to get the project underway quickly.

It is not easy to figure out how a space like this should look from scratch, but using your resolutions to get yourself motivated can help a lot. Even a small basement can become a hobby space, an extra bedroom, an entertainment area, or even a dedicated gaming or movies ‘cave’.

This kind of project can produce a lot of debris and leftover materials, so be prepared to hire a dumpster to get rid of the excess waste. This is often one of the hardest parts, so keeping this in mind can make the renovations a lot less impactful on your day-to-day life and schedule.

  • Destroy the Hoard

If you are a hoarder – or just somebody who has trouble letting go of things that they find – then it might be a good idea to renovate your home in a more direct way. Dismantling and sending off your hoard can be tough, but the new year is the best time to commit to such a major project.

Whatever your home is filled with, you can always find ways to get rid of it. Take out trash and throw it in a rented dumpster, sell off old toys that you keep around purely to display, and make sure that you actually have room to enjoy your new home in the upcoming year.

This might be tough, especially if you are an actual hoarder, but it is always worth taking the first steps there. Cleaning up your home and freeing up space can be just as effective as a full renovation, giving you more floor space back and letting you enjoy the minimalism.