26 Jan 2022

Working on a large project like a bathroom remodel requires a professional, like a contractor. It can be hard to find the right contractor for the job as you need to find someone you trust and get along with, as they will be spending time in your home.

You should have an idea of the kind of work you want to be done and the person you are looking for when it comes to a bathroom remodel. 

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To help you on your journey of finding the right bathroom contractor, we are going to share some of the best tips from this field.

  • Get Recommendations From Friends And Family

To make sure your contractor is someone you trust and will get on with, you should get recommendations from people in your life who you trust also. 

Someone you know will likely have had work done in their home and can therefore recommend a contractor for you. You can also research local contractors online and see the reviews from other customers.

As well as getting the opinion of friends and family, it may be a good idea for you to talk to a building inspector. They will be able to share the code requirements and may also be able to recommend a contractor that works to meet these.

  • Conduct Phone Interviews

Once you have a list of contractors, as recommended by the people in your life and local professionals, it is time to narrow the options down.

You can do this by speaking to the contractors on the phone and conducting an interview. 

Asking some general questions will be able to give you an idea of whether the contractor you are talking to is the right one for the job. You can ask:

  • Will you be working on other projects at the same time?
  • Can you provide financial references from banks and suppliers?
  • Can you provide references from previous clients?

As well as finding out whether they can do the work you require, these questions will give you a good idea of the kind of person the contractor is. This way, you can determine whether they are of good quality and trustworthy.

  • Check Whether They Do Everything You Need

When hiring a contractor, it is important to check that they can do all of the work you need.

Contractors are not always designers, which means that not all of the professionals you can hire will work on your bathroom remodel from the start to the finishing details.

If you are looking for someone to do the complete job, including the interior design, then you will need to make sure you are hiring a contractor with this experience. Some contractors may require you to have a design ready for them, as this is not something they will do themselves.

  • Supply Your Own Materials

If this is possible, you can save money when remodeling your bathroom by providing the supplies yourself.

Any material provided by the contractor will be more expensive than what you can get yourself because it will have their commission attached to it.

  • Prepare For The Work

Once you have picked the right contractor for your job, it is time to get your home prepared for them.

Most contractors will want a complete set of blueprints along with a precise plan of what you want your bathroom to look like. These will be used to help them prepare for their work as well as provide you with an estimate for the work.

  • Set A Payment Schedule

A high-grade contractor will be able to work with or provide you with a payment schedule. This is often an indicator of the best in the field and will let you know that you are working with a true professional.

You can work with your contractor to create a payment schedule, helping to spread the cost of your bathroom remodel as well as ensuring they always have enough for the materials and labor. 

A good contractor will give you plenty of notice if the work is going over budget or more needs to be spent.

  • Do Nfot Let The Price Be A Final Decision

It can cost a lot to get your bathroom remodeled, especially if there is a lot of issues along the way. This can make some people want to look for the cheapest contractor in their area because this can be an expensive project, but this is not a good way to go.

The price of a bathroom remodeling should not be the way you make your final decision. 

Chances are, spending a little more on your bathroom remodeling will work better than going with the contractor who offers the lowest bid. 

  • Put Everything In Writing

You must have a contract between you and the contractor. Before they begin working, make sure you have a contract for all of the work they are going to be doing so you can keep track of it.

The contract should include the payment schedule, proof of liability insurance, the dates of the remodeling, worker’s compensation payments, as well as a list of materials and their costs.

This not only helps you to keep track, but this document will be needed later on if any issues arise. Always have a working contract when remodeling your home.