06 Mar 2022

Sitting in your garden in summer, relaxing with a cold drink, sun shining and grass looking tired and worn. This is not what any of us imagine when we picture our perfect summer day in the garden. However, it is something that is all too familiar to some of us. Keeping your lawn neat and healthy is not always the easiest thing to do. Especially if you work and have a family, it can be difficult to find the time to keep your lawn looking good.

This is why artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular. Walking through any neighborhood and you will see artificial lawns looking perfect. No matter what the weather and how much time you have, an artificial lawn will always look great. 

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If you are still unsure whether or not an artificial lawn is the best thing for your garden, we have pulled together some reasons why one could benefit you. 


Less Time and Effort

If you are someone who wants to come home each evening and relax, who wants to spend the weekends relaxing in the garden instead of working in the garden, an artificial lawn is for you. With an artificial lawn fitted in your garden, your gardening time will reduce considerably. There is no fertilizing, mowing, or edging. 

There will be some time spent to ensure your artificial lawn remains clean. There may be the occasional weed that makes its way through. But the time spent on this will be a fraction of the time you would spend on a grass lawn. 

The initial effort of laying an artificial lawn is definitely worth the reduced time you will spend in the years to come, in our opinion. 

Think of all of the things you could do with the time you would ordinarily spend maintaining your lawn. If you have pets, an artificial lawn is also extremely easy to keep clean. This is also great if you have a young family, with or without pets, as you can clearly see if there is something that needs to be cleaned before children begin playing. 



You will increase the cost-benefit of having an artificial lawn over future years. You will have a larger initial outlay to have the artificial lawn laid. However, the amount spent over time will be less. You will not need to pay for a lawnmower, fertilizer, seeds, or tools for maintenance. Over a period of time, especially if you have a large lawn, the savings from having an artificial lawn will be substantial.

Having an artificial lawn can also reduce your water bill, particularly in hotter climates or areas where there are regular droughts. Not needing to water your lawn or have a sprinkler system in place can be another cost-benefit. 

We love the fact that there are so many annual costs we no longer have after switching to an artificial lawn. When you add up the total cost of bags of fertilizer, fuel, or electricity for lawnmowers and any other miscellaneous costs, they will far exceed the cost of buying a new artificial lawn. 


Environmental Impact

Reducing water usage will also have an environmental benefit. Water conservation in drought areas, in particular, can help to reduce restrictions on water use in the summer months. Artificial lawns, on average, will last for at least 15 years, and with some companies offering a lifetime guarantee, you can be sure it will benefit the environment long-term. 

During a time when more people are becoming progressively more environmentally conscious, artificial lawns are increasing in popularity.  


Visual Benefit

Visually an artificial lawn looks fantastic. You will have no brown patches, no dry patches, and no time spent trying to get the lawn to look green again. Gone are the days when artificial lawns looked garish and fake. Now you can have a stress-free lawn that looks good, and if not completely real, it will not look fake either. 


Allergy Sufferers

Artificial lawns are a huge benefit to those of us with allergies because artificial lawns are allergen-free. Having an artificial lawn will allow allergy sufferers to enjoy their time in the garden without the need for medication or discomfort. Allergy sufferers with artificial lawns report a significant decrease in symptoms when spending time in their garden. 

For people with allergies who love to read, streaming eyes are a major issue when sitting outdoors in summer. The reduction in allergy symptoms can make all the difference for someone who wants to read outdoors. 


Less Mess

Having a real lawn means having real soil underneath. During wet weather, this means the very real issue of mud on your shoes. There are several reasons why you will need to cross your lawn in the rain, and each time means trailing mud into your home. Mud on the floor means additional cleaning or time spent inside the door toeing off your shoes in wet clothes with your hands full. 

Artificial lawn, laid correctly, absorbs the water on it and has the benefit of not having soil, so there is no mud to transfer into your home. 


Chemical Free

Artificial lawns do not include any chemicals that could be harmful to either humans or pets. So, you can be completely reassured of a safe place to sit, eat, and play. There is no need to use any products on the lawn that could include chemicals either, and it can be cleaned with water or even with a vacuum cleaner.