06 Mar 2022

There are several reasons why someone would want to add an extra bathroom to their home. This could be because of resale value, adding an accessible bathroom for someone with mobility issues, or because your family has grown, and bathroom time is difficult to get. Whatever your reason, an extra bathroom can significantly improve your home. 

We have gathered together below some of the benefits of adding a bathroom and considerations to make when thinking if this is the right step for your home. First, we will review the considerations to make. 

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Adding a Bathroom

When deciding if you should add an additional bathroom to your home, you should first consider if you have enough space to do so. There are a number of rooms you can take some space from to add the new bathroom. A new bathroom does not have to be a huge space, especially if you are adding a shower rather than a bath

Unless you are adding an extension to your home, you will need to take the space from another room. You could benefit from removing space from a bedroom to add an en suite bathroom. Alternatively, you could take a little space from two of your bedrooms to make a shared bathroom between the rooms. If the space is taken from two rooms, you will be less likely to notice the smaller bedrooms. 

Alternatively, you could utilize unused hallway space to add a bathroom at the end of the hallway or incorporate this into a hallway closet to make better use of the closet space. 

If you are planning to add an additional bathroom downstairs, either for ease or mobility reasons, there are a couple of options. You could take space from a utility room or garage if you have one. This will have the added benefit of not reducing the space you regularly use. 

Otherwise, if you do not have a utility room or garage, you can use part of the space from your kitchen or dining room. As with the bedrooms, you could also take a small amount of space from multiple rooms to keep as much as possible of the space you use regularly. 

You should also consider the cost of adding a bathroom. This will vary depending on the size of the bathroom you are adding and the number of rooms you need to adjust to fit it into your home. The total cost can run from a minimum of $6,000 to $60,000, depending on if you are adding a half or full bathroom. We advise you to complete a full costing of all of the work involved before making a decision to proceed. 


Benefits to You

Adding a bathroom can have several benefits for your home. Some may not be relevant to you currently. However, they could be of benefit to you in the future or to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home. 


Guest Comfort

If you are planning to have overnight guests on a regular or semi-regular basis having an additional bathroom could make your guests feel more comfortable. Also, it can reduce foot traffic in your current bathroom, making showering and getting ready for bed easier. 


Increasing Family Size

Similar to the reason above, adding to your family size can make bathroom time difficult, especially as children get older. An additional bathroom can save a considerable amount of time when getting a house full of people ready for school and work each morning. This can reduce daily arguments and help keep your home harmonious. 

Additional bathrooms are a great way to make your existing home suitable for an expanding family size. Meaning you do not necessarily need to move home if you plan to increase the size of your family. This could be the difference, for some families, between choosing to have another child or not. 


Mobility Support

If you have someone in your home who has or has developed mobility issues, an additional bathroom, especially downstairs, can be a huge improvement to their quality of life. Not having to travel upstairs each time you need to use the bathroom can be a convenience for everyone but also important for someone who struggles to get upstairs quickly. 

If a mobility issue develops slowly, you may have time to add a bathroom without rushing. However, if you decide this is your forever home, and you want it to be suitable for life, a bathroom downstairs can be added early than would become medically necessary. 


Increased Home Value

Additional bathrooms can increase the value of your home. Depending on the type of bathroom you add, it could increase your home resale value by between 10 and 20%. If you are planning to move, adding a bathroom is a great way to improve what you will get for your home and the down payment you can put towards your next home. 


Best Use of Space

An additional bathroom can be the best use of space that is largely unused. Adding a bathroom into the existing space used as a closet is a brilliant way to utilize the space. You could also make use of unused space within your home, so you do not lose space you regularly make use of. 

Utilizing empty or unused space within your home for practical reasons can help your home to feel more fulfilling. This can also ensure that you do not need to add a costly building extension to your home.