06 Mar 2022

When planning to decorate a home, it is usual to check online for inspiration. Whether you already have a theme or color scheme in mind, you will be able to find something to help you execute your decorating plans. You can find blogs online for any price range with home décor sites featuring some of the most lavish décor available. 

While we all want our houses to look as good as they possibly can, we do not all have unlimited funds with which to decorate. With this in mind, we have gathered together details of home decorating blogs that are aimed at those of us who want a distinguished home without breaking the bank. 

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Having a budget helps to stay on track when completing DIY decorating projects. The six blogs we have gathered here for you focus on DIY projects of various kinds. 


In My Own Style

This blog is written by the author of “Instant Decorating” Diane Henkler. Henkler has been writing details about home decoration projects for over 30 years. Her articles are well written and are helpful for people of any level of experience. The information included in her posts is clear and easy to digest without being patronizing for those readers with more experience. 

Henkler has an easy-to-follow writing style for those on a budget. She includes cost-saving tips in each post. She also includes step-by-step information to help you to complete each decorating project without the need to spend money on professional help. 

Henkler specifically includes the steps to paint any surface, which enables you to refresh the items in your home in addition to the walls. Refreshing items in your home that you love but no longer match your new color scheme is an excellent way to save money. Instead of buying new items each time you change your color scheme, a few accents of paint can make them useable each time. 


Marty’s Musings

Marty Walden is a home decorator and writer who believes in shopping for used furniture and upcycling items to give you rustic home décor without spending huge amounts of money. Walden recommends yard and garage sales to get some beautiful wooden furniture for bargain prices. Walden’s tips for transforming old and worn furniture into distressed and fashionable pieces are easy-to-follow and require no professional assistance. 

Walden’s tips focus mainly on décor inspired by farmhouse themes and will help you to create a warm and homely feel no matter your budget. There is little or no construction advice included as Walden believes that paint is more than enough to improve old furniture. 


Old Brand New

Dabito writes the Old Brand New blog, which focuses on incorporating your own personal style into your home. Dabito recommends the use of color and artwork to improve your home. 

While the blog does not specifically focus on budget decorating and does often recommend high-end items for decorating your home. However, there are, on occasion, recommendations for stores that will help you to decorate on a budget. 

Alternatively, you can take the recommendations given on the Old Brand New blog and use them to shop in stores that suit your budget. This blog will allow your inner online shopper to take inspiration from Dabito’s suggestions and shop several sites to find the décor that suits your home and budget. 


Rambling Renovators

This blog is written by Jen, who, alongside her husband, are decorating their second home. The Rambling Renovators blog gives details of their decision-making processes on everything they do for their home decorations. This is an inspirational blog as it is written by someone completely renovating a home themselves.

When writing the blog, Jen gives full details of the places she shops and the costs incurred. This will help you with inspiration for the places to shop on a budget. 


Snazzy Little Things

Snazzy Little Things is a blog written by Jeanette, who is also decorating her second home. Jeanette is documenting her home redesign for a low-budget but beautiful decoration style. Jeanette also includes details of previous home design projects that she has completed in differing styles. 

Jeanette focuses on home décor that is easy to upkeep and hassle-free day-to-day. She also focuses on clean, uncluttered decoration styles to make the most of the space you have. Her top tips for minimalist and tasteful decoration will help any room look more spacious. Jeanette’s emphasis on budget decoration styles is extremely helpful too. 


Thrifty Décor Chick

Sarah, who created the Thrifty Décor Chick blog, is a professional interior designer who gives information and tips to decorate well on a budget. Sarah highlights how to decorate a high-style home without spending more than you can afford to. 

Sarah includes a number of ways to make items for your home, which will make the style look more expensive than it is. The blog includes shopping hints and tips in addition to decorating tips, as shopping is often where the majority of budgets go out of the window. 

Sarah highlights furniture that is easy to build yourself to avoid you needing to buy more expensive pre-built furniture or furniture you need to pay to have installed. The blog also highlights how to make the most of a store sale when buying items for home décor. The shopping tips are easily the most beneficial aspect of any of the blogs we have reviewed. If you can get the shopping trip completed on or below budget, you will easily finish your project without breaking the bank.