06 Mar 2022

Knowing that you want to make home improvements and knowing how to make home improvements are two vastly different things. Often we shelve home improvement ideas because we do not know how to complete them or we think they will cost too much to hire someone to complete. 

If there is something you want to improve in your home but are not sure how to approach the project, the best way to find out where to start is to go online. There are so many blogs and online videos regarding home improvement projects though, you may not know where to start. 

We have gathered together some of the best home decoration and home improvement blogs we could find to help you to make a start. 

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The Ugly Duckling House

The Ugly Duckling House blog was created by Sarah when she bought her first home in Atlanta, Georgia. She has used the blog to document her achievements and her errors when completing home improvement projects. We love her unique style for the blog, and the fact that she documents with pictures and videos helps those who are visual learners. 

The blog, including the mistakes that she has made and things that have gone wrong, is also helpful to show you what to avoid and how to correct things if you make a similar mistake. Sarah’s blog is refreshing as she does not flinch away from projects she has not previously attempted. Following her first attempts at daunting projects gives her readers the confidence to try projects they did not think themselves capable of before reading her blog. 


Centsational Style

Kate Riley, who began her blog over 10 years ago, focuses her design blog on interior decoration, smart home improvements, and projects you can complete yourself. Riley began her blog when she was completing the remodel on her first home, but she has continued it through properties she has fixed up over the years. 

What we like about Riley’s blog is that she includes tours of her rooms to allow her readers to see her completed projects. She includes the details of each home improvement that she has completed, from the very small to entire room remodels. 

Riley also includes design tips and tricks in addition to home improvement guides. This will help you to complete the full process and decorate each room to a high standard after the remodel has been completed. 


Young House Love

Husband and Wife team John and Sherry, from Richmond, Virginia, write the blog Young House Love. They started the blog before they renovated three full houses and seven kitchens. They have also written several home improvements books in addition to designing home décor products sold in several stores nationwide. 

Although John and Sherry are experts in DIY, their blog posts are accessible for people with any level of experience. They cover all levels of projects in their blog with handy hints and tips for each type of project. Even if the projects they detail are above your experience level, the information they share could be helpful with what you have planned. 

John and Sherry also help by sharing things they have tried that did not work to help you to avoid trying the same. This is also helpful to demonstrate that even the most experienced home improvement experts experience hiccups along the way. 



Cassity, an interior designer, writes Remodelaholic as she works with her husband on their fifth home remodel project. Cassity’s blog prioritizes reusing items rather than buying new ones, which helps to keep down the cost of any home improvement project. 

Cassity gives practical advice and uploads photographs and videos so her readers can see exactly how her projects turn out. She also gives full and detailed instructions, which readers can follow to get the same outcomes for their home. 

What we love about the Remodelaholic blog is that the projects covered include standard remodel projects featured on a lot of home improvement blogs. But Cassity also includes unique projects that we have not seen elsewhere. We are always interested to see what she is going to take on as her next challenge. 

The Remodelaholic blog also includes things that are useful to know ahead of beginning a home improvement task. Such as; how long the project took to complete, the decisions that were made and how they changed throughout the project, and how Cassity felt about the result. We really appreciate that she also includes the impact each project has on her family. This is especially helpful when planning each project out. 


The DIY Bungalow

Lawyer turned DIY blogger Karen Cooper created The DIY Bungalow blog. Cooper focuses on home improvements on a strict budget. She gives hints and tips on every aspect of your home remodel, from décor to attractive storage options. She also includes full details of how she renovated her kitchen for $1000. She has a lot of practical knowledge if you are looking to complete high-quality home improvement without spending a fortune. 

Cooper also includes special blog posts to give information for everyday tasks around the home, including what can go in your garbage disposal. She also provides details of tools to help educate readers. This practical information is helpful for home repairs as well as large-scale home improvement projects. 

Cooper also includes fun and informative interviews with people in the home improvement trade, so you can learn for yourself instead of having to hire someone to complete smaller tasks for you.