06 Mar 2022

Renting dumpsters can be a very useful move when you are handling any kind of physical work, whether it is a small DIY project or a major overhaul of your entire property. However, finding the right option is not just important – it is the main thing that you will be relying on.

EWM Dumpster Rental is available throughout Mizpah and surrounding communities, and we have a long history of providing effective waste management solutions to customers across Mizpah.

If you are not sure what to look for or have no idea which companies and options are best, then it is a good idea to understand what separates a good rental company from a bad rental company. The more you know, the better equipped you are to make the right choices.

Dumpster Options

Dumpsters can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and understanding the ones that you have available is an important part of making sure that you are getting the right rental option. Not only does the dumpster type dictate how much it can hold, but it might also change the way that you can use it.


The size of a dumpster is important since it changes the kind of situations that it can be used in – as well as the total capacity of the dumpster itself. A bigger dumpster has a larger capacity and can thus hold more all at once without needing you to stop and empty it elsewhere.

Having a wide variety of dumpsters on offer is always a good sign, but you still want to find a dumpster that fits your specific situation properly. If it is too large, then you are paying extra for nothing. If it is too small, then you might not have enough space for all of the debris or trash you are trying to throw away.

A larger dumpster also requires more space for it to be delivered, which means that they might not be ideal for projects in tighter areas. For example, an alleyway might be suited to smaller dumpsters, but not one of the larger options since they physically can’t fit into the available space.


Not all dumpsters allow all materials to be dumped into them. For example, some may only allow natural waste from landscaping projects, and others may be specifically for recyclable materials such as wood. This is usually to stop the wrong items from being disposed of in the wrong ways.

You can rent specific kinds of dumpsters for specific purposes. For example, if you want to clear out an entire house, you might decide to choose a dumpster that allows you to dump all kinds of waste. On the other hand, a landscaping-specific dumpster is best if you will be doing mostly landscaping work.

If a dumpster does not allow a certain type of material, then you might be fined for putting too much of it in there, so you want something that matches the work you will be doing (and the kinds of waste that you will generate).

Arranging Your Rental

We at EWM Dumpster Rental are experts at handling different parts of the rental process, but that also means that we can easily help you get exactly what you need. Dumpster rentals are never a pre-set process: there are a lot of discussions about what clients need and how it can be provided.

For example, you might decide that you want a staggered rental of multiple dumpsters, meaning that you always get a fresh one just as the older one fills up. Other people may prefer a single large dumpster that can carry them through the entire project all at once.

Whatever you choose, it is important to know what you are dealing with and look for the best available options. If you are not sure what to look for, then here are a few things worth investigating when it comes to a new rental option.

Rental Period

The rental period is the amount of time that you own the dumpster for. This seems obvious, but it is important to remember that you can keep the dumpster once the period expires – you just need to pay a regular fee every day.

This means that you have options when it comes to your rental, but at a cost. Often, it is cheaper to rent a dumpster for longer than you need it, rather than opting to pay the extra fees. You also need to estimate how long the work will take and whether or not you will have the dumpster for long enough.

Rental Terms

Every rental is different, and that can mean that terms like the pickup time, the types of waste allowed, the disposal point, and even the original delivery time are all different. When arranging for a dumpster rental, having the right dumpster terms is important since they change the entire rental process.

You always want to make sure that you are renting a dumpster in a way that benefits you, rather than feeling forced into something that you can’t use. Be sure to voice any issues or requirements that you might have since this can make it much easier to find a middle ground that works for both sides.


Always be sure that you have a delivery space available for the dumpster to actually be placed once it arrives. Most dumpsters are nearly impossible to move without the dedicated vehicle that delivers them, and that means that you are going to be stuck with them until they are collected again.

Carving out a space on your lawn or yard to have them delivered there can help since it lets you decide exactly where they are being placed. For example, you might place a dumpster near an under-construction building, letting you toss debris right out of the window and into the dumpster directly.