06 Mar 2022

Starting your own business from scratch is not easy, and even some of the best entrepreneurs of the year can really struggle to get themselves and their company off the ground. Not only do you need to manage the entire business, but you need to take every advantage you can get.

We’re standing by to process your dumpster rental request as quickly as possible, which means you can get your bin delivered to Mohrsville and other communities in the 19541 ZIP code the same day or next day.

No matter what your industry is or how competitive it might be, there are some shortcuts and tricks that are always useful. One of them is dumpster rental, a powerful tool in your business arsenal that often sits unused until it is already too late to benefit from it.

Why are dumpster rentals useful?

When you get a dumpster rental, you are not just getting a big metal container that you can throw the trash into. You are also getting the delivery and the pick-up, as well as the disposal of the dumpster’s contents, all in one single price.

This might not sound like much at first, but it can be one of the most useful things your business will ever pay for. If you have a lot of waste to remove (whether that is business waste, old furniture from your new premises, construction debris, or any other refuse), then it is the most convenient option available.

Reduced Workloads

Entrepreneurs are constantly on the hunt for new ways to cut down their costs and keep their business running smoothly, and this makes dumpsters the ideal option for any kind of disposal work. Not only can you get rid of a large amount of waste in one fell swoop, but it also takes the pressure off employees (or even sole traders).

If you create a lot of debris or waste at your company, then it is always going to be somebody’s job to clean it up. However, rather than having to set aside a spare vehicle to make repeated trips to disposal sites, you can hire a dumpster and simply toss the waste in, then forget about it.

Lower Costs

While dumpster rentals might be another expense to consider, they are a lot cheaper than having to rely on other methods to dispose of your waste. You would otherwise have to either buy more permanent bins for your property, hire a disposal employee, or take care of the waste yourself.

All three of those options either cost money or lower your potential income, all of which can be a death sentence for a brand new company that might still be finding its feet. Dumpsters still cost money, but they eliminate a lot of stress, productivity issues, and other expenses along the way.


Dumpsters are just more convenient as a whole, something that can really help a new company in the long term. While your average dumpster might not be anything special, it allows you to toss away trash on a whim and can help more labor-focused companies get rid of spare materials or debris quickly.

For example, a new demolition company might struggle to afford disposal options of its own. If you can’t afford to buy a dumpster and a vehicle to transport it, then you can simply rent one for the duration of the work, giving you instant access to the dumpster you need at a reduced one-time price.

Renting a Dumpster

A dumpster rental is quite a simple process, but there are a few things to consider before you decide to get one for your company. The last thing any new business wants is to buy the wrong equipment or get a key detail incorrect.

Dumpster Sizes

Dumpsters can come in multiple different shapes and sizes, and all of them are going to be useful for different things. A larger dumpster can hold a lot but is much harder to fit into tight spaces and may require things to be tossed in from above ground level. Smaller ones are more compact and convenient but work best for smaller projects.

Choosing the right dumpster size for each project is important since they all have different prices and are ideal for different uses. You want to think carefully about the dimensions of each dumpster, the space you have available, and how much capacity you will actually need.

Weight and Capacity Limits

Renting a dumpster means that you have to stick to the rental limits, which usually mean weight and capacity. These dictate how full a dumpster can be, usually because over-filling one puts it in danger of being damaged or impossible to handle when the company comes to collect it.

Each dumpster size and type has different limits, so be sure to check them before you rent any. If you are estimating how much you have to throw away, always round up and get something larger just in case – this might help you avoid fines if you underestimate how much you are getting rid of.

The Rental

There is no ideal rental period since it varies depending on the work that you are doing and the specifics of each project. For some people, a few days may be all they need. For other companies, you might need more than a month or two, possibly with multiple dumpsters rotating during the rental period to ensure that one is always empty.

However you want to handle it, it is important to get the kind of rental that you want. We at EWM Dumpster Rental are committed to giving our clients whatever specific options they need and can help you build the perfect plan for renting dumpsters efficiently and reliably.