24 Jun 2022

Your front door is not just a security measure but a core part of your home’s personality and style. As the first part of your home that guests will interact with, it can be an important part of your curb appeal – how nice your home looks to people walking past on the street.

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Even if you are not that interested in sprucing up your home and completely overhauling its looks, it can be important to consider how your front door looks to other people. It is quite literally the gateway to the rest of your property – so it needs to look the part. 


Paint is always the easiest option when it comes to renovating any part of your home, and that is because it works. Repainting a door can have a range of effects depending on the color and style that you go for, but the end result will always be a fresh, clean coat of paint.

Whether you are good with colors or not, choosing the right tones can make a huge difference to your curb appeal. It could completely overhaul and transform your front porch or just add some extra colorful flair to the front of your home, but either way, it only takes an hour or two at most.

You can also paint the frame of the door while leaving the rest, paint individual sections of the door’s structure, or even just paint the walls around it instead. The only limits are the paints you have available and the time it takes for a coat to dry, so there is room to experiment.


Decorations are another easy fix and something that is far less permanent than painting your door. The right decorations – whether they are hung on the door itself, placed beside it, or even just used to frame the door’s general area – can all have a massive impact on how a place looks.

For example, potted plants or bushes can give a front door a more natural feel, as can a plant wreath. Gnomes and other lawn ornaments can help create a classic feel, or you can even go a step further and create some DIY decorations to sit alongside the front door itself.

Beyond that, a lot of people like to use signs and lights to create a more friendly space since these decorations can be stylish while still having a practical purpose. Combine this with things like benches or scattered outdoor items, and you can have quite a comfortable, lived-in porch area.


While it might fall under decorations for some people, lighting is a very powerful tool that many people do not even consider using. Not only can good lighting really change the way a space looks, but it is also one of the most effective tools you have when it comes to directing people’s attention.

Even something as small as a basic outdoor electrical lantern can make a significant difference in how a space looks, lighting up the door when it gets darker and giving it a spotlight. You could also turn to solar-powered stake lights, putting them alongside the path to the door itself.

Some people go even further and use strings of small LED lights to create hanging trails or take other creative options with a combination of different lighting choices. If you really feel like you want something unique, then you can use colored lights to really emphasize a certain feeling or atmosphere.


While you might not be able to just add more windows to the front of your home, there is nothing wrong with adjusting the ones that you already have. Getting your front door glass frosted is a valid way of protecting your privacy, but it can also change the way that the window looks.

You have a lot of options when it comes to glass. Some people like to tint it a certain color, including darkening it to keep out sunlight and prying eyes, while others may go for a full stained glass window that is custom-made to fit their door.

There is nothing wrong with using glass in other ways, too. Glass containers for hanging lights are a fairly common sight, and there are many people who will get glass panels containing their house number to use as a wall decoration. These, too, can be tinted and frosted.

Cleaning Up

Finally, the easiest way to overhaul your front porch and front door is to tidy up. A large part of curb appeal is about making your home look nice, and that can involve something as simple as cleaning up debris, trash, or dirt that might have accumulated over the weeks since you last tidied it.

This can go for almost all external decorations, but the door is the most important since it is the part that your visitors will always get close to. Cleaning floorboards and flagstones are just as beneficial as washing door windows and moving away any potential trip hazards.

If you have a lot to throw away, then you could always consider one of our dumpster rental options to make the process easier. If you are already planning to overhaul your front door area, then you might be doing similar work to the rest of your home, and having an easy disposal option helps a lot.

Whatever you are doing next, make sure that you are able to handle the workload and the scrap materials that it might create. Even something as small as adding a door canopy can give you a lot of debris to throw away.