26 Jan 2022

The bathroom is a core part of any home and a room that needs to be kept clean and tidy for regular use. This, combined with the fact that it deals with water and humidity a lot, means that it is the room most likely to wear down or start to feel bland if you are seeing it every single day.

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Overhauling your entire bathroom can bring a breath of fresh air to your home and help you keep the bathroom looking nice, something that makes a huge difference in your daily routine. Here are six ways to give it a massive boost in both form and function.

Convenient Storage

Smart storage will always be useful in a bathroom. You keep a lot of important things in there, from towels and toothbrushes to emergency medicine, yet many people simply scatter that stuff around. By keeping it stored properly, you can protect everything individually and always know where it is.

Something as simple as an extra cabinet can make a world of difference, but you can also use a bathroom’s high amount of vertical space to include shelves, taller storage options, raised cabinets, or even wall-mounted towel racks. Even a cramped bathroom can benefit from those ideas.

It also helps to have a very visible, easy-to-access emergency kit in there, just in case. It could be important medicine or just an extra set of toiletries – either way, it can come in handy when you are just trying to get through a rough day.

Black and White

White is one of the most popular bathroom colors for a reason. It works with basically any other color and can be tailored into a massive amount of different patterns, all of which will look clean and tidy. It also means that you can easily spot dirt or dropped items that you need to clean up.

Black, in a similar vein, is dark enough to work in almost any design or layout. It can really improve some otherwise-bland bathrooms, and it also means that you can hide dust or dirt quite well if people can see behind the sink or shower.

Combining both gives you a great starting point for any bathroom rework or revamp, no matter what scale you are working at or how much you plan to spend. Even if you want to add some color, you can use a black and white design as a starting point, giving you more freedom to experiment.

Baths and Showers

One of the more large-scale projects you could consider for your bathroom is outright removing your bath and replacing it with a shower or even doing the opposite. Many people are more than happy to strip away appliances and fixtures that they no longer use, and many older homes have both.

Getting rid of a bath once you remove it from the house is easy – just call a company like EWM Dumpster Rental to help take it away, along with any furniture you are getting rid of. With the bath removed, you can focus on all kinds of projects that re-use the newly-opened space.

Smart Devices

Smart devices are not always that popular, but they can be a very handy extra to people who do not want to do anything manually. Not only could you have a voice-adjusted temperature option for your shower or radiator, but you could even set up a music system for relaxing after-work showers.

Many smart devices have a good level of waterproofing, meaning that they will be able to tackle the conditions of the average bathroom extremely well and keep on working as normal. This also means that you could set up a smart TV in your bathroom if you ever felt the need to go that bit ‘extra.’

Smart devices can be combined in a huge amount of different ways, so they are very fun to play around with. You could rig up a system to change the lighting and music of the room based on the chosen temperature, or even a smart locking system to prevent people from accidentally walking in.

Underfloor Heating

In-floor heating is a great way to spice up your bathroom without actually taking up more floor space – at least not above the floor. A simple floor heating system can keep the room nice and warm, something that can make for very relaxing evenings after hard days at work.

While this will not be something that you use constantly, it is more efficient than normal heating systems, which can be a nice way of replacing a bulky and outdated radiator. Floor heating systems also spread temperature evenly throughout the room, making it a far nicer space to spend time in.

A Splash of Colour

There is nothing wrong with adding more color to your bathroom. A lot of people take inspiration from places like Barcelona or similarly-vibrant parts of the world, using bright blue and green tiles to break up the monotony of the bathroom itself with unique patterns.

There are countless different ways that you could redesign your bathroom, and all of them are incredibly interesting from a design standpoint. Whatever you decide to make, you can get hold of the materials and patterns really easily, allowing you to start work almost instantly.

This also has the benefit of letting you create whatever you need without going too overboard. Too many spare tiles? Use a few more to create an interesting wall display. No spare tiles? Then you have still got an excellent design that looks great from every angle.