06 Mar 2022

We all know dumpsters as the big bin that sits by construction sites, but that is not the only way that they are used. Many people are not aware of what they can do and how important they can be to the average worksite.

Here are some of the ways that dumpsters are invaluable to the people who need them and what they offer that you can’t get through a normal trash container.

EWM Dumpster Rental delivers 40-yard to 10-yard dumpsters to customers throughout Monroe Township and area, including the entire 08831 ZIP code.


Dumpsters are incredibly important to keeping a space safe and secure while others are working there, especially if it is the site of some major construction work. The more time people spend around debris and waste, the more likely they are to get hurt, meaning that dumpsters are useful for reducing that risk.

A messy workplace creates health risks to anybody on-site, whether that is employees, clients, or even unrelated parties that might be passing by. The more exposed trash is lying around, the higher the chances are that somebody will fall over, hurt themselves, or even suffer a hospital-worthy wound.

Remember that debris from construction (or similar jobs) is also very unhygienic. While tripping on a bit of wood might not sound bad, getting scratched with a dirty nail can lead to the cut getting infected. If you place waste directly into a dumpster, then it is out of sight and out of the way.

Clear Spaces

Of course, a dumpster also allows you to clear an area of debris and waste, which makes it much easier to move through. It also increases visual clarity in the area, meaning that it is much easier to inspect the site or see what kind of work still needs to be completed.

If you have a larger worksite, then there can also be plenty of situations where you need to drive vehicles or move heavy equipment closer. By having the area clear of debris, there are clear paths to set this kind of equipment up, which reduces the chance of accidentally stalling your own progress.

There is also the fact that a clear space looks clean, which can be important if you want to look over the work once it is complete. It can be hard to tell if a space had been refurbished how you want when there are piles of old bricks still stacked up against certain walls, so clearing it up can be helpful.


A dumpster maximizes the rate of waste disposal that you can achieve. Not only does it mean that you can toss the debris away immediately, rather than having to take it somewhere yourself, but you also skip the issue of needing a dedicated vehicle and/or disposal team on hand.

While dumpsters can fill up, there are ways to rent them so that you can get a constant flow of empty dumpsters to keep filling. This is ideal for any long-term project. Every second saved counts, especially if the work is under a tight time limit or needs to be finished before the budget runs out.

Since dumpster rentals are handled by companies like ours, rather than being your responsibility, you do not have to put as much time into managing them. This leaves you more time and energy to focus on the work since you will not need to spare anybody to help to dispose of the contents.

Legal Issues

The presence of dumpsters in the workplace is a valuable legal defense for most worksites since it reduces the chance of employees or contractors getting injured. Dumpsters help to keep the area clean and clear but can also have some direct value when it comes to legal issues as a whole.

If you do not have dumpsters on-site, then it can become a valid fact to be used against you in certain legal situations. However, if you do have them, then you might have extra leverage if an employee gets hurt through debris being left lying around since there was a way to dispose of it quickly.

Beyond that, having a dumpster rental is sometimes directly helpful to avoiding litigation. There are sometimes certain situations where not having any clear way to dispose of harmful materials (like asbestos) can be a direct violation of certain health codes or other important laws.


If employees and contractors can throw away waste quickly, then they have more time to work between their breaks. This has a direct impact on the amount of productivity that they will show on the worksite, as well as the amount of physical work that they can actually get done.

If employees have to walk quite a long distance to reach a disposal location or simply have to pile trash up in an empty part of the site, then it wastes valuable time and risks wearing them out faster. However, if they can throw away bricks or other debris quickly, they have more time to work.

This can have multiple other benefits as well. It increases the speed at which the work gets done, in turn reducing the number of days that it takes for the project to be finished. As a side note, this also means that paid-by-the-hour contractors are paid less overall during these multi-day projects.

We at EWM Dumpster Rental offer a range of different dumpster types for all kinds of different situations and projects, meaning that you can easily get exactly what you need without any hassle. If you are looking for a dumpster that suits your next project, contact us and see what we have to offer.