06 Mar 2022

Dumpster rentals can be an important part of any manual work, whether that is construction or demolition, but you always want to be sure that you are getting dumpsters from the right company. Finding a good dumpster rental business is not just about the dumpsters but the company itself.

EWM Dumpster Rental is the best choice for rental dumpsters in Monongahela, Pennsylvania.

If you are looking for a good dumpster rental option that will fit with your next project, then here are some things to consider when looking for the right rental company. Remember that every project – and company – is different, so it all depends on what you are looking for as a customer.

Trash Options

Not all companies will handle all kinds of trash. There are times when a dumpster rental company will only accept specific kinds of waste, such as only allowing recyclable waste or not taking in particular materials. This can be important since it might only make them useful for certain projects.

For example, if you are doing a major construction project and have a lot of broken bricks to throw away, then you want to choose a company that will be able to accept them. On the other hand, that company might not accept land waste, like dirt or pieces of cut-down trees.

Remember that this is sometimes specific to certain dumpsters rather than companies, too. You might end up finding a company that offers multiple dumpster types, some of which are only meant for specific kinds of waste and will not be accepted if they have other waste in there.

Size Options

Not all projects need large dumpsters, but having the option can still be important. The more variety that you have when it comes to choosing a dumpster, the easier it becomes to choose the right one for each given situation.

Having more choice is always better than less choice, especially if you are not sure what kind of scale your project might reach. If you work with a company with limited dumpster options, then it is entirely possible to end up having to choose a dumpster that is either too small or too big.

Remember that different dumpster sizes are also ideal for different uses and for different project lengths. There are times when you want multiple smaller dumpsters instead of just one large one or the other way around, so being able to choose accordingly is important.


Of course, the cost is also a major factor. The higher a company prices their dumpsters, the harder it can be to fit into a tight budget – but a dumpster company that is too cheap may not give you the best service or might even layer other fees on top that you were not expecting.

Knowing how the costs are calculated can always be important, too. Some companies have flat rates, and others have varying rates that might depend on certain factors during the rental itself. Even knowing if you have to pay up-front or after the rental might make a major difference.

In the case of our dumpster rentals, you can contact the EWM Dumpster Rental customer support team directly to get a full breakdown of how we handle our pricing. The more you know, the easier it becomes to make your choice when you urgently need a dumpster rental for your next project.

Weight Limits

All dumpsters have weight limits, which can be a key thing to remember if you are arranging a rental. Loading a dumpster above the weight limit means that you are going to get additional fines, even if the weight is only slightly over, so you want a limit that fits with your expectations of the project.

If you are handling a lot of bricks and other heavy materials, then make sure that you get a maximum weight limit that is slightly higher than what you might expect. Having some extra ‘wiggle room’ with the weight cap can be important for avoiding fines or other dumpster-related issues.

Capacity Limits

On top of the weight limits are the capacity limits, something that companies also need to communicate to you clearly. If you exceed the capacity limit (filling the dumpster too full, even if it is technically under the weight limit), then you can get a fine anyway, so it is important to know the limits.

Keeping track of limits like this can be important for making sure that you stay within budget, keep the dumpster rental on track, and do not put yourself under too much pressure. Spending more to get higher limits can sometimes be the best way to move forward with a project, rather than risk going over the cap.


A good dumpster rental company will always be consistent and reliable. Looking for the best company for your project often means comparing companies to see which one can keep their arrangements with you the best, especially if you have limited time to get the whole project done.

We at EWM Dumpster Rental pride ourselves on being consistent and predictable when it comes to our rentals, making sure that clients get what they rent on time. However, there are other companies that may be slightly less reliable or might not even deliver the dumpster rentals at the right time at all.

If you’ are looking for a good dumpster rental company that can help you complete your next big project, then get in touch and let us know what you are looking for. Our wide selection of dumpster options means that you can easily get hold of something that suits your project’s needs.